Robert Lewis painting at the Mission Ranc

Robert Lewis painting at the Mission Ranch

Ready for the challenge of plein air? That’s me (right), Robert Lewis, painting during a competition a while back. Of course, I’m being goofy in this picture, but I was trying to convey the idea that plein air is really a challenge, a sport, a quest, and so much more.

I know from experience how it is to start plein air from scratch, not knowing a thing, but with an art background. I did make what might be considered a mistake in being “self-taught” instead of just going to workshops.

Workshops are the shortest route. It would have been so much easier. However, I did not go that route and, because of that, my “self-taught” lessons along the way were hard-won and valuable. On these pages, I intend to freely share my lessons with the reader. Ready?  Start here.