This is my favorite brush washer/spirits holder. It’s a good, hefty size for carrying plenty of spirits. The fact that it has three clamps makes it more secure for taking spirits on the road. If it tips over in your box or bag, it will not leak. Just make sure you never let the gasket dry out as this may affect performance.

A brush washer is really a standard tool. Always useful. You can set this one on a flat surface or hang it by the handle. I put it right on the palette of my modified French easel.

Product Info

Stainless steel with removable screen insert. Three clamps insure the lid is completely leak-proof. Bonus: includes an extra gasket! dimensions: 3 1/2″ h x 3 1/4″ w. Capacity: 10 fluid oz. Weighs only 7.3 Oz. Find it on Amazon.

Author’s Note: Although this is a genuine review of a product I do use, this post does contain an affiliate link.